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ConFab Cabaret is run by  Catherine Crosswell (myself) & Amy Rainbow with additional audience wonderment from Myfanwy Fox (AKA Fox Pops)

ConFab Cabaret is a regular fun packed variety night with lashings of spoken word found in the Marvousllously Magical Malvern.

Here we are with our most recent guest
Elvis McGonagall at The Malvern Cube.



Adrian Mealing, Al Barz, Amy Rainbow, Ash Dickinson, Beardy Barred Bard, Brenda Read-Brown, Catherine Crosswell, Chrissy Velveteen, Clive Dee, Craigus Barry, The Decadent Divas, Dan Duke, Dolly Grip, Dreadlock Alien, Elliot Seabright, Elvis McGonagall, Fanny Labido, Four Tart Harmony, Hollie McNish, John Hegley, Johnny Gash and The Bleeding Cat faces, Jonny Fluffypunk, Kate Walton, Loungetoad, Lindsey & Catherine, Matt Windle, MC Dizraeli, Men in General, Monserrat Carbonara, Myfanwy Fox, Peter Wyton, PTR Williams, Rapunzel Wizard, Salma, Scarlett O' Sparkle, Spoz, Stephen Morrison-Burke, Steve Kaos, Sue Thompson, Suz Winspear, Thommie Gillow, Tim Cranmore, The Trench Choir, The Very Grimm Brothers, Will Coleman
Picture is of Amy Rainbow and Myself with Freesias .

Poetry Performances have included:
Malvern Slam (Winner 2013)
Ledbury Slam Runner-up (2014), The Poetry Army, Malvern. Wolverhampton Love Slam (Semi-finalist) Droitwich Arts 4 All Live Lit, Earth Hour, Ledbury Celebration, Much Wenlock Slam, Cheltenham Poetry Festival Team Slam, Pulp Diction, Cheltenham Poetry Festival, Poetry Instore, Waterstones. Stratford Literary Festival, Swindon Slam, Worcs Bard Final, Worc Slam,The Fourth Plinth, Poets in the Mist, Parole Parlate, Poetry at 42, Poetry All Stars Slam at the Cheltenham Festival of Literature, The Quiet Compere, Word and Sound, West Fest, Malvern Co-operative book shop, Mouth and Music, Wild and Foxy, Malvern Amnesty Benefit Comedy Gig and ConFab Cabaret and various open mic nights.
Picture of The Vaginellas by Sue Spawnart at Ledbury Poetry Festival 2014

Ledbury Slam Runner up 2014

The Vaginellas

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